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Designing your new home can be one of the most exciting endeavours to embark on, and to make it as stress free as possible is to make sure you have a planned budget before you’ve even sent out the brief. Here are the top things to consider wChen engaging an architecture for your dream project….


Seems simple, right?

Always consider what is most efficient for your project. This is usually deciding on simple forms and layout, an appropriate size for your home which won’t have you living on a construction site for months on end and choosing an efficient timeline that matches your budget.


Have a small selection of materials that can be used consistently throughout the home. This avoids having to engage multiple trade people at extra costs.

Consistency adds sophistication to your home and reduces having to buy from multiple suppliers. Also, keep in mind, locally sourced materials will also be beneficial to travel costs and time.


Make sure that construction, building, and planning documents are broken down by item. This creates a clear and concise plan for the project, and you know exactly where your money is going towards.


The most timely and expensive occurrences when designing a home is ……CHANGES.

Whilst engaging with your architect, make sure you provide a detailed brief and how you envision your new dream design to look, feel, and enhance.

The best way to do this is by curating inspiration boards and ideas with your designer during the briefing process.

Provide as much feedback as you can when looking over plans by your architect. This will in turn create improved designs that suit your vision best.

Remember, things that can be easily changed on plan will not take up as much time or money when things may need to change during the building stage.

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"Moore Architects went above and beyond for us. Extremely thrilled with the drawings and advice given to ensure we travelled down the correct path. Moore architects are highly recommended by us Leoni and Allan Shoesmith"
Mr & Mrs Irwin
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Lauran’s great quality drawings and knowledge of the process and interaction with council was invaluable, we couldn’t have done this as quickly without her, I’m not sure actually if we could have done this at all with out her!..
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Lauran has made the process of designing our new home so easy and exciting. Her attention for detail and understanding of what we wanted was always spot on. We definitely recommend LT & Associates to anyone looking for a very talented Architect.

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